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Zorelei has begun the "Dracoinia (CE 900)" campaign setting, and is calling out to anyone and everyone who wishes to join. This campaign is being held over Ventrilo, and requires that you download the program and have a mic in your posession before you may join. The campaign currenlty has five PCs, but that doesn't mean it's too late to join! If you have any questions, contact Zorelei or Rosaline.


Dracoinia (CE 900): This campaign will be a level 4 campaign, and held on the planet Dracoinia. Contact Zorelei for details.

The Sunless Citadel: This is a campaign setting that is a part of Dracoinia, CE900, however it will not be held over Ventrilo. This campaign will require 1st level PCs. Contact Rosaline for details.

If you have any ideas for a campaign, or would like to host your own, please contact Zorelei.

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