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Below are the names of the SL D&D Lovers United group, and current campaigns they are participating in. If you wish to join, please see the contact page. Please note, most, but not all of the names below are Second Life aliases.

Group Members Campaigns Joined Dungeon Masters
Current Campaigns
Alicia Castonguay Dracoinia (900 CE) Itsuware Kawabata
  • Dracoinia
Allon Detritus N/A Rozenthi Mistral
AmonWulf Stonecutter N/A  
Arkone Axon Dracoinia (900 CE)  
Areth Gall Dracoinia (900 CE)  
Athena Maeterlinck N/A  
Cathleen Sachs N/A  
Cleo Edge N/A  
Choman Brissot N/A  
Coraa Prior N/A  
Emerald Burleigh Dracoinia (900 CE)  
FLuX Uritsky N/A
Hiroshima Maeterlinck Dracoinia (900 CE)
Gustave Padar N/A
Maelia Harnell N/Al  
Nova Soyinka N/A  
Nyss Elytis Dracoinia (900 CE)  
Rusk Elytis Dracoinia (900 CE)  
Rhysa Pennyfeather N/A  
Seig Mirabeau N/A    
Sita Canetti N/A    
Staren Seraph N/A    
Charnia Maltz Dracoinia (500 CE)    

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