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Thanks to my ingenious searching skills I stumbled upon this website. contains all the information you will ever need. Characters, feats, equipment, spells, epic level, and so much more. Please check it out, and bookmark it!!

In order to play D&D, you must have a 3.5 Player's Handbook, also known as Core Rulebook 1.&
A set of 7 dice, made up of 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d10, 1d12, and 1d20 is optional, but not required.


Most of the campaigns I will be hosting will be ran, if possible, over Ventrilo, a voice chat program.  Thus far, my Ventrilo campaigns have been a success, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves more.  If you do not have a microphone, it would be wise to either A: Get one, or B: Join a campaign that does not involve Ventrilo.

Ventrilo can be downloaded here.


D&D related books can normally be found at the following locations:

Books can also be found at the Wizards of the Coast website, at  Dice can usualy be found at specialty stores, or online.  If you have any questions or troubles, please contact Zorelei.

Source Files

Located here will be various files available for download.

Dungeons and Dragons is ©Wizards of the Coast